Thursday, 15 October 2015

Carrots and parsnips - on the straight and narrow

I have grown plenty misshapen, and in some cases X Rated, carrots in the past but with my last planting I decided to spend a bit more time preparing the ground to achieve the 'perfect' carrot.  This time I was also trying for parsnips again which don't grow too well in our hot climate. But I love a challenge.

Before I planted the seeds I spent the morning raking and sifting the soil to bring it to a fine tilth, removing any small stones that could cause 'forking'. Then I added plenty of sand to the earth to make it even easier for them to form in the soil.  It worked, I've been rewarded with some beautiful straight, sweet vegetables.

Pulling parsnips. Gently does it.
Yay, straight.
I was happy with my harvest but I'm not sure I'll be so fussy next time.  I miss the carrots with their individuality. This year no more laughing with allotment neighbours at the carrots with appendages. No more tittering amongst my gardening friends at carrots entwined. No more guffawing.

Just a big bunch of carrots.

Just for the giggle. Here are some parsnips from the past.

And a pair of romancing carrots.

Happy gardening.


  1. Wow that's is a huge harvest of carrots well done :-) I know what you mean about the funny shapes my carrots that are growing done my allotment are now poking through the ground and I can already see some crazy shapes going on there I think I will be getting ready for my own giggles soon, happy gardening, dee :-)

    1. Thank you Dee. All our home-grown carrots, straight or crazy, they all taste better than anything you can get from the supermarket!